Since the establishment of the company, through the hard work and unremitting efforts of all employees, our business has spread to industries such as municipal engineering, electricity, metallurgy, nuclear industry, building materials, infrastructure, ports, coal-fired power, petrochemicals, textiles, food, packaging, papermaking, etc. Excellent product quality, good reputation, reasonable price system, and excellent service have been recognized by many famous enterprises and widely praised by users, and have become the designated supplier and system integrator in their industrial control system field. System design and technical transformation: Various industrial occasions include constant pressure water supply, sewage treatment, music fountains, energy-saving fans, metallurgy, chemical industry, cables, wire drawing, papermaking, textile printing and dyeing, industrial washing, plastic production, mechanical processing, packaging and printing.
  • Constant pressure water supply
  • Sewage disposal
  • Music Fountain
  • Fan energy-saving
  • Metallurgical and chemical engineering
  • Cable, wire drawing, printing and dyeing
  • Papermaking
  • Industrial washing
  • Plastic production
  • Mechanical processing

Constant pressure water supply

By combining frequency converters, PLCs, water supply control cards, pressure sensors, etc., the traditional water tower water supply method has been completely changed. The system automatically adjusts the water pressure according to the size of the water consumption, and can achieve 24-hour unmanned operation with 4 sets of motors switching work on time, with a single set of motors up to 8. Whether it is small community water supply or large water plants, water supply is very convenient and saves 15% -35% compared to traditional water supply.

Sewage disposal

The entire process of sewage treatment, diversion, and circulation is achieved through the use of frequency converters, PLCs, and related control systems.

Mechanical processing

Replacing electromagnetic clutch speed control systems and other outdated control systems with frequency converters, PLCs, and other control components on various planers, milling machines, and lathes not only simplifies the process and makes maintenance easier, but also greatly reduces energy consumption.

Fan energy-saving

Using frequency converters, wind pressure sensors, and other related control devices to form a closed-loop control system instead of the original air volume control system, the air volume can be appropriately increased or decreased according to the needs of each link and workpiece to meet production needs. It is very practical in various fan usage scenarios such as the cement industry and coal mining industry, and can save energy up to 10% -40%.

Metallurgy and chemical industry

Using frequency converters, PLCs, human-machine interfaces, and other controller components to control processes such as coke pushing, smelting, and circulation to make their positioning more accurate, work more flexible, and achieve higher efficiency.

Cable, wire drawing, printing and dyeing

Using frequency converters, PLCs, synchronous controllers, and tension controllers to control each transmission point through linkage, making the control of each transmission point more precise and the consistency of speed changes stronger.


By using frequency converters, touch screens, synchronous controllers or PLCs, AD/DA controllers, and tension sensors to control the various transmission points of the paper machine, instead of the original electromagnetic clutch speed control, the speed control of paper with different materials and thicknesses is very flexible and convenient, and the amount of paper breakage when changing specifications is greatly reduced. Different control methods can be adopted based on the number of transmission points and the quality of paper produced, resulting in lower control costs, higher work efficiency, and more energy savings.

Industrial washing

Using a frequency converter to control a dry cleaning machine can eliminate the need for a computer board, and at the same time, it can make washing acceleration and deceleration faster, uniform distribution more stable, and dehydration more dry; Using a frequency converter to control the washing machine makes the operation of the computer board simpler, eliminating the need for multi speed motors. Different operating modes can be used for different materials. Our company has retrofitted multiple outdated multi speed washing machines externally.

Plastic production

Using frequency converters or DC speed controllers to control the various transmission points of the plastic machine makes speed regulation more convenient and energy-saving.

Mechanical processing

Replacing electromagnetic clutch speed control systems and other outdated control systems with frequency converters, PLCs, and other control components on various planers, milling machines, and lathes not only simplifies the process and makes maintenance easier, but also greatly reduces energy consumption.

1. General Semiconductor (China) Co., Ltd
Our company is a full range supplier of Omron products to General Semiconductor (China) Co., Ltd. We provide technical support and product selection and transformation solutions. During the cooperation period, due to the company's production equipment transformation, our technical personnel provided comprehensive transformation measures based on customer needs and the current status of equipment, greatly improving the production efficiency of this production line.
3. Large state-owned steel mills
Our company selects and distributes a series of industrial control and distribution products, such as Schneider PLC, AB, Siemens, Omron, etc., designated for use in steel production lines. For discontinued models and side door products, our company will provide corresponding technical support and make every effort to find matching products for customers.

5. Tianjin Dongli District Jinbin Weiliya Water Plant (a large state-owned enterprise)
Our company is a qualified supplier of Jinbin Water Plant, responsible for equipment maintenance, maintenance of important equipment such as frequency converters and soft starters, and procurement of spare parts. Summer high temperatures are a high risk period for equipment damage. Our company's technology protects the normal operation of the water plant 24 hours a day, responsible for equipment replacement, testing, and maintenance, ensuring that the water plant operates without faults throughout the year. For the technical transformation and other issues of enterprises, our company can carry out in-depth design and on-site implementation to achieve the integration of automation services. With the development of China's automation industry, enterprises are taking solid steps step by step, promoting excellent automation brands and products, better helping customers choose automation products, providing guidance and reference, and achieving a win-win situation between enterprises and customers.
7. Clean air conditioning automatic control system for Tianjin Zhonghuan Semiconductor 8-inch silicon wafer workshop
9. Tianjin Zhengrong Technology Building Cold and Heat Source Unit Group Control System
11. Clean air conditioning automatic control system in the rabies vaccine production workshop of Dalian Hanxin Pharmaceutical
13. Tianjin Municipal Drainage Engineering, Tianjin No.1 Pumping Station, Songzhuangzi Rainwater Pump Station, Qilian Road Rainwater Pump Station, Zhenli Road Rainwater Pump Station, Huqiu Road Rainwater Pump Station, Poyang Road Rainwater Pump Station, Dasi Xinjiayuan Rainwater Pump Station Automatic Control System
2. General Electric Energy (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd
Our company is a system internal contract MRO supplier for General Motors.
4. Lingang Economic Development Zone - International Joint Tire - Automation Workshop Project
Our company undertakes the supply and system debugging of electrical and automatic control equipment from Tianjin International Union Tire and Rubber Co., Ltd. Mainly responsible for the basic automation control system of this workshop, achieving functions such as modular production process, digital quantity acquisition, continuous process regulation control, and process equipment interlocking control. Using PLC control station as the main control station, remote control is achieved, and the communication bus is used to control data transmission between the main station and the remote control station. After precise debugging by our technical personnel, this equipment workshop has been put into operation and production, fully realizing the remote operation function of the automated workshop, greatly saving operating costs, and has been recognized by your company's technical leadership.

6. Tianjin Biochemical Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (a large state-owned enterprise)
Our company is a qualified supplier of this enterprise, providing automation solutions and supplying imported electrical spare parts, as well as testing and maintenance services.
8. Design and Debugging of DCS System for Tianjin Delta Chemical Production
10. Cold source automatic control system in the engine laboratory of China Automotive Research Institute
12. Tianjin Fuli Plaza Cold and Heat Source Automatic Control System
14. The Automatic Control System of Constant Temperature and Humidity Fresh Air and Clean Air Conditioning in the Laboratory of Experimental Animal Center at the New Campus of Nankai University